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Julia is able to offer personal knowledge and compassion to the adoption process. It is her belief that the decisions regarding an adoption plan should be made by the persons whose lives will be touched by the adoption. Her role, as an attorney experienced in the field of adoption law, is to be accessible and to advise her clients about the laws and legal issues in the State of Ohio. Julia's goal is to assist her clients in creating and achieving the adoption plan of their choice. Read more.

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                                                     An Attorney’s Role in Representing a Birthmother

My role in representing a birthmother is two-fold. First, I make sure the birthmother understands all the legal aspects of an adoption and that she understands that she is permanently surrendering all her rights as a parent. I make sure no one is pressuring her or no one is threatening her. I make sure she understands the process so there is no chance of fraud, duress or coercion - the only factors that could be used to challenge the surrender. I explain the meaning and significance of each document that she is asked to sign. I talk with her about birthfather issues and the putative father registry.
I try to determine if there is a risk from a putative father for disruption. I make sure she is neither requesting nor accepting funds from the potential adopting parents that would be beyond the limit of the law.  Second, I explain that I am her advocate. If she wants to proceed with the adoption I make sure all elements of the adoption are being carried out correctly, but if at any time up to the signing of the surrender, she changes her mind, I stop the process on her behalf.  While she is at the hospital I am available to speak with the social workers or healthcare staff if she is not being treated properly (unfortunately there are times that some staff members can be very insensitive). I encourage birthmothers to seek counseling both during the pregnancy and after delivery. I like to meet with a birthmother at least once prior to the surrender and I attend the surrender with her. I give a birthmother my office, cell and home phone and let her know that I am always available to answer her questions about the adoption plan.